Why choose “Weddings in Spain”?

At our office in Ireland you will be advised on the best places and the best suppliers for celebrating the wedding of your dream.  Castle weddings with its spectacular surrounds, landscaped gardens or on a beautiful sandy stretched beach.  If you wish you can travel to Spain to meet and visit the suppliers you have chosen to ensure that you are happy with what you have selected.  We can accompany you if this is your wish.

Do you organise tailor-made Weddings?

Yes, all weddings are tailored to your desire and your budget.  We do not work exclusively  with specific suppliers but we will assist you in finding a suitable one and give our expertise on what best will complete that wedding you have wished for.

What type of Weddings do you organise?

We organise civil, religious, symbolic weddings, themed weddings and same sex marriages.

How far in advance should we start organizing our wedding?

Ideally, at the first consultation giving at least 12 months prior to the date.  This gives you more time to secure the date for the ceremony and your chosen venue.

How is our Wedding going to be booked and paid for?

When you decide you want to choose our service as your wedding planner we are going to make the bookings for you.  You have the choice of paying directly to each supplier or we can organize this for you.

Is it an option to visit and meet with the suppliers?

Of course, if you wish you can travel to visit your venue and meet with the suppliers.  It would be our pleasure to accompany you in visiting them.

Do you have a limited number of suppliers?  Do you work exclusively with them?

No, we are going to find or assist you in choosing the venue that you desire and the suppliers that you require within your budget.

How many Weddings do you coordinate per day?

We coordinate one wedding per day. Allowing us to work exclusively for  you.

What is the cost of availing of you service?

The first consultation is free and if you wish we can give you a quotation with no obligation.

First payment at the time of hiring our service is made.  Thereafter, depending on the type of service you require will determine the form of payment that adapts better for you.

In accordance with the suppliers, payments are made directly to them under their terms and conditions. Entire service must be paid before the wedding.

Will you be present on the day of the Wedding?

Yes, our team will be present on your wedding day.  Up until the bride and groom have had their first dance together.

Will you assist us in finding our guests suitable accommodation?

Yes, we will recommend hotels that will best accommodate your guests taking the distance into consideration.  We will also recommend some of the best sites or activities while they are there.