Spain, one of the warmest countries in Europe


Spain has a predominantly warm mediterranean climate with dry summers and balanced temperatures in winter time.  Here you can enjoy more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.  It is no surprise then that this is one of the warmest parts of Europe.

When you ask visitors what is the main reason for visiting Spain, most will agree it is the excellent weather conditions.  For the majority it is the long sunny days that tempt us.  It is of course the summer months when visitors are a plenty to Spain, which has an enviable climate of warm, dry and sunny temperatures.  Although the country does undoubtedly have one of the best overall climates in the world you may be surprised by some of the temperature extremes recorded on the mainland and the islands.


Spanish Summers can get very hot, especially inland.  The average temperatures are at least 30°C.  Coastal areas enjoy cool breezes that bring temperatures down to a more bearable level.  During the summer there’s an average 11/12 hours of sunshine per day and it hardly rains at all in the south and the mediterranean coast, hence making it such a popular all year round holiday destination for so many visitors to Spain.  It is also quite normal not to see rain of any significance for at least 5 months a year.


Autumn along with Spring is a great time to visit Spain. The landscape is invariably greener, in the south the sea stays warm having been heated up during the summer months with average air temperatures of around 28°C.  It’s only in late November that temperatures start to fall to around 20°C.  Heading towards the winter as the hour changes, daily sunshine reduces to an average of 6 hours, again another reason why winter tourism is still as popular as ever with many northern European travellers.


During the Winter, coastal temperatures over or about 17°C.  Although sunny and warm during the day, it can feel very cold at night.  Inland gets seriously colder especially in mountainous areas around the Pyrenees, Madrid and Granada.  However, whilst the north of Spain may be experiencing low temperatures of  9ºC a short two hour flight to the Canary Islands and your back up to a warm and inviting 25ºC.  One of the reasons why these Islands have become one of Europe’s top winter holiday destinations.


Late Spring, in anticipation of Summer, is a magical time in Spain.  As the days get longer, we get warm settled weather with average temperatures rising to about 21°C inland and about 24°C on the Southern coast.  There is an average of 11 hours sun per day.  The countryside is in full bloom, the Easter Fairs are under way and there is a colourful and exciting vibe in most towns and villages throughout Spain.



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