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Intimate Wedding VenuesIn recent times, more and more couples are planning to celebrate their wedding in privacy with family and close friends abroad. Why opt for an Intimate Wedding?

  • Possibilities are plentiful in terms of places for both the ceremony and the venue.


  • From a small chapel to a large church, from a sandy beach to the open seas or a country house to a castle are just a few possibilities to have this special intimate celebration.


  • The type of wedding can vary from a cocktail party, to a picnic, a buffet or a barbeque allowing you this closeness with your family and friends.  On the other hand should you choose to organize a restaurant you can make the choice of sitting at the same table in a circular sitting to allow you to see how well your guests are enjoying.


  • You will have the people that matter to you most by your side whom you share your life with on this special day.  This allows you the freedom to feel more relaxed, be yourself and enjoying the intimacy with those around you.


  • Having a smaller gathering allows you more time with your guests for photographs, dancing and laughter on your wedding day giving you time to enjoy the company of everyone and not feel overwhelmed that anyone was forgotten.


  • An Intimate Wedding of two people?  Yes, just you and your partner.  With a priest or a blessing at a place that you both share a romantic dinner for two in absolute privacy.  A day for just the two of you


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Five Magical Wedding Venues to have your Wedding in Spain

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Intimate Wedding Venues

Spring and Summer brings us plenty of sunshine, warmth and blue skies. These seasons give a wonderful experience to celebrate your wedding outdoors.